, Gmail Login Guide is actually an email service which is introduced by Google Inc. This email service started with a limited beta release. This email service was actually released on 1 April 2004 and it was ended its complete testing phase on 9 July 2009. When this email service started so its initial storage capacity offer was at least 1 gigabyte for per user but now its capacity offer is at least 15 gigabyte with of free storage not only this user can also get more than 50 megabytes in size with different various attachments like images, videos and pdf files. The user can also easily send emails more than 20 megabytes. In this email service for larger files, users can easily attach the various files from the google drive into their messages.

Users can easily use this service through there different mobile phones by downloading or installing its Gmail application on different software like Android and iOS. The interesting thing about this email service is that it can automatically backup your important data. Basically Gmail backup is that service which allows the user to back up their data and can also restore their important and personal data. Actually, Gmail has two types of backup one is for Gmail files and the other one is for Media. The benefit of Gmail Backup is that if the user accidentally logged out from there Gmail Account or delete there files and media from the phone, so the user doesn’t have to be panic because Gmail has your all data as backup.

Creating an Account for Google login
The user can also Sign in to their Gmail Account with two-step verification, actually, two step verification on Gmail is another way of security which put one more section of security to your Google Gmail account. In this section, you have to add your ATM card number as well as your personal identification number. In two-step verification of Google Gmail Account, you must have to mention a password and after that Google will send you a code on your Phone by SMS or call, or by an authenticator application on your Mobile.

If the user get various trouble on their Gmail Account so there are many solutions for this in fact if you don’t have any access to your recovery email, phone, or various option you also may be in the condition to reset your Google Gmail Account password by your identity but for this you must have to survey the Google Account Recovery page. Firstly it’s our honor to guide you that how can you recover your Google Gmail Account and how are the reasons by which you can not sign in with your Gmail Account. We are providing you the best solution steps for your Gmail Account Issues. Following are the main issues for the users because these are the most common issues by which you cant do Gmail Sign in with your Google Gmail Account and these issues are given below.

By this service we can easily stay in touch with our family and friends, we can also receive different emails like electronic bills, newsletters, request for job interviews and so on. In other words, users can easily deliver anything electronically via Email. In this article, we will guide you and give you some important things about Gmail Account.

Create Account:

Here we guide you that how can you do Gmail Sign Up with a Google Account. You just have to follow the following steps

  • First of all, the user has to visit “Google Account Creation Page“.
  • After that, you have to type your very first name and last name.
  • Now mention your valid username or email address but be careful that the username which you choose will be the name that others can see or find you easily.
  • Your next step is to mention your password two times for confirmation as it is an accurate password or not. Keep in your mind that your password has to be strong just for your account safety.
  • Now mention your Birth month, year and day in the given fields.
  • After that mention your gender if you want to identify yourself with your gender.
  • Now give your valid mobile phone number.
  • User’s next step is to select their country, if your country is not accurate then you have to select your country flag which is mentioned in the left corner of your screen.
  • Provide your current email address in the given bar.
  • Now select your current location from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the next step button for creating your account on Gmail.
  • When you get a code for your given phone number so just type that code in the given box and just click to continue button.
  • By all these steps you will be guided the procedure of creating an account on Gmail.

Gmail Login

Here we guide you that how can you Sign in with a Gmail Account. You just have to follow the following steps which are given below.

  • First of all, the user has to visit the Google sign-in page on their system.
  • The second step is to mention your valid phone number or you can also mention your Google Account email.
  • After that type your Gmail Account password.

NOTE: If this information is already filled but you want to sign in another Google Account. Click “Another Google Account“.

  • After all, these steps just Click to continue.
  • Once you will do all these steps so can be able to Sign In to your Google Gmail Account.

Signed Up? Check out Gmails Basic Settings

In this heading, we will instruct you about Google Gmail Account’s basic settings that how can the user open their Gmail Account settings and what are the recommended settings are there in Gmail Account.

How to open the page of settings on account

To get the complete instruction you just have to follow the following steps which are given below,

1. Your very first work is to visit the Gmail Account on your personal device.

2. After that user will see the given icon of settings which is mention in the right top corner of your screen.

3. Your second step is that you have to select any tab like Accounts or Import, Label or any other thing.

4. Whenever the user update their settings so you just have to save it by clicking on the given icon bar of “Save Changes” which is located at the bottom of your screen.

Recommended Settings Of Gmail login

Here you will see the recommended settings for your Gmail Account:
1. Mail Settings
2. Conversation view
3. Signature
4. Attachments
5. Desktop notifications
6. Vacation responder
7. Keyboard shortcuts
8. Snippets
9. Labels
10. Send mail as
11. Filters
12. Themes
13. Google Labs

These are the important things about Google Gmail Account settings, after reading this article user will easily understand every instruction which is given by us.

gmail login

Delete Gmail Account

Why Delete Your Account?

If you want to log in with another Gmail Account or create a new Account and want to delete your previous account, for this we are guiding the best and the easiest way to delete your Gmail Account, you have to follow the following steps which are given below.

Steps for deleting a Live Gmail Account

For deleting your Gmail Account you must have to follow these steps:
1. Your first step is to go to “Google Account Settings“.
2. Now select delete icon on your account or services under the preferences of Account.
3. After that, you have to select delete Google Account and your whole data to remove your whole Google account which includes your Google Documents, search history, Adsense and user’s other Google services.
4. Now choose that Gmail account which you want to delete.
5. After that enter the password of your Gmail and over enter your password.
6. When you are done with it click next.
7. Next step is to click the icon of trashcan right next to Gmail.
8. Now enter your new email address and be conscious that your new email address cannot be same as your previous account which you are deleting they tell you that how will the user Sign in to their Google Gmail dialog box but the Gmail service have already entered your secondary address which you had used before when user was creating their Google Gmail account. User’s another alternative email address is now the new Google account of the user with the username. One more thing that you need your email address to complete the procedure of deleting Gmail Account.
9. Very next step is to click on “Send Verification Email“.
10. Now open your email from the Google such as “” with the subject of (Security alerts for your linked Google accounts) or Gmail Account Deletion Confirmation.
11. After that follow the deletion link which is given in the message.
12. If you are prompted to log in to the Gmail which you are deleting.
13. For deleting your Gmail Account choose “YES” under the confirmation of Gmail Deletion like “I want to delete permanently from my Google Account“.
14. Now click the icon of delete Gmail Account but you cannot undo this step. After that you have to click the icon, your Gmail account and messages are gone.
15. Now your final step is to click on “Done“.
16. Once you follow these steps you can easily delete your Gmail Account.

Get Help From Gmail

Gmail communication is very important for our daily social media life because every user wants or needs to send and get various information through the emails on daily basis accept this there are also many problems for users which is the responsibility of Google Account to solve it. If you don’t know that how to get help from Gmail Account you can easily contact to Gmail help and services by there helpline number.

The helpline of Gmail is 888-659-1666 and it does not support the phone users. The helpline number guide you to solve the different issues of Gmail users. Gmails videos can also guide the users easily for the different critical issues which are related to Google Gmail Account. The most technical problems which occur in the Gmail Account are as follows:

Problems of Gmail Account

Users sign up errors.
Users’ login errors.
Email attachment issues.
Recovery of password issues.
Sending or receiving Emails.
Hacked and blocked Account hitches
Many other technical issues.

Help from Gmail Customer service

For the guidance or help via contact, you will have to follow or fill the given form step by step because Google is aware of your issues.

    • First of all, go to the Gmail help website.
    • Then select the particular area of your Gmail issue.
    • In case you if are getting an error while logging into your Gmail Account, for this follow the Logging in the given link under the Account.
    • Now select your technical issue under Fix an issue.
    • Select the given steps which are suggested for your Gmail problems, if the Gmail is helping you to suggests anyone of them.
    • After this click the icon of contact us which is located on the page’s bottom.
    • If the user can not find the link of “Contact Us“, so that case uses some another step of troubleshooting which can also apply to your different Gmail Account problems otherwise see below for the other supporting options.
    • Then Google page gives you some questions which you have to fill with your detailed information.
    • For submitting click the icon which is mentioned as “SUBMIT“.


  • If you want to post your Query about Gmail:
  • Here we guide you properly that how can you post your queries on the web.
  • Your very first step is to visit Gmail Help Forum.
  • Then click on the icon of “Post Question“.
  • In case if you are not signed in to a Google account then you must have to log in to your own Gmail Account.
  • In such cases users cant get registration for Google help so for this, You have to enter your full desired forum name under “username“, after this just examine the forum “Terms and Service“. When you did this just accept it and continue.
  • If you are not a member of the Gmail Account forum then your next step is to pick up the name which you want to show up next to your various posts for Google Product Forums under “MY DISPLAY“.
  • When you connect to the Forum just check the link to “My Google Profile” and kindly show me my profile picture on my post. After completing this click to join the group.
  • Write you’re any whole query in the form of summary under the question title.
  • After this, you will see a larger text field in that field type your Gmail help request.
  • Enter your any detail which can be helpful.
  • Then in “Categories” option select the suitable categories for your issues.
  • Your final step is to post this question.
  • These are some types of getting help from Gmail.

Two Steps Verification for Gmail

What is two-step verification on Gmail?

Basically, two step verification on Gmail is another way of security which put one more section of security to your Google Gmail account. In this section, you have to add your ATM card number as well as your personal identification number. In two-step verification of Googl Account, you must have to mention a password and after that Google will send you a code on your Phone by SMS or call, or by an authenticator application on your Mobile.
But now Google account requires two more steps for access, two-step verification is not valuable.

Applying two steps to authenticate that by who you effectively double your Google Gmail account security, but in this case, you are only able to Sign In if you remember your both passwords. They also recommended you to change your recent Google Gmail Account password if you have not change it already. Without anything just enable two-step verification on Gmail.

Gmail Sign in with 2 Steps Verification

For the guidance of two-step verification you just need to follow the following instructions which are as given below:
1. First of all launch the web browser from the desktop of your PC.
2. Now you will see an address bar in which you have to write
3. After that just write your strong Password.
4. Now just click on the icon of “Gmail Sign In“.
5. Your next step is to click off under the two step-verification.
6. Next step is to turn “On” the two-step verification.
7. Now again write your strong Password.
8. After that again Click on “Sign In“.
9. Now just click on the menu of flag drop-down, After this select your residential country.
10. Give your valid “Phone Number“.
11. Now you will see two options just “Select” one either it is the Text message or Phone call.
12. Just click on Try It section.After that, you will receive a text message or phone call on your phone number which gives you a code.
13. Now write your code in the given section which you received on your Phone.
14.  Now click on a bar of “Next“.
15. Your last step is to click on the bar of “Turn On“.
16. These are the easiest steps for two-step verification on your Google Account for our users.After reading this we hope that you will easily Sign In with the two-step verification on Google Account.